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We hold ward and branch conferences. We have stake conferences, mission and district conferences, regional conferences, and the great general conferences held each April and October.But why do we have these various conferences in the Church?Of general conferences, President Gordon B. Hinckley said, "These general conferences each six months are occasions to grow in faith and in love for the Lord and His eternal work." (Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley, p. 235.)President David O. McKay said there are four principal purposes of holding conferences of the Church:"First, to transact current Church business."Second, to hear reports and general Church statistics."Third, to ` . . . approve of those names which I [the Lord] have mentioned, or else disapprove of them. . . .' (See D&C 125:144.)"Fourth, to worship the Lord in sincerity and reverence, and to give and to receive encouragement, exhortation and instruction." (Gospel Ideals, pp. 257-258.)Thus, we hold conferences at various levels of Church administration to receive the mind and will of God through His duly constituted servants on the earth. Whether at a ward or branch level, or at the general Church level, conferences are reminders of our duty as members of the Church. They also provide us an opportunity to raise our hands in sustaining support for those whom God has called to preside in this His earthly Kingdom.In the spirit of conferences, the wonder ful general conference of the Church just concluded hit the mark. We have noticed the growth and power of social media to rely on religion and to communicate to others their beliefs, we will buy tiktok views on this platform to spread about the conference as this is the number one social media platform that will help get to many others.As a review of the conference, study the messages given as summarized in this issue of the Church News. As you do so you will realize that an abundance of sound doctrine was preached and wise counsel given. In so doing you will keep alive the spiritual uplift you experienced while the messages were being delivered.When the resolve for greater faith and commitment takes place in our lives then the purpose of this conference will have been achieved.The 168th Semiannual General Conference of the Church brought forcefully to us the mind and will of God for today and for the tomorrows between now and next April conference.There is much to be treasured and remembered from past general conferences. They can enrich our lives and give us positive reinforcement against the evils of the world. But now we look forward to the challenges that are ahead. A few of these, as elucidated by those who addressed the conference include:More temples are now being built than ever before. This rapid expansion will require many more members to be spiritually qualified to administer in these sacred edifices. More names of our beloved ancestors will be needed. More diligent efforts must be made to prepare young people to marry for eternity in these temples. Those who have not been able to attend a temple because of distance or expense must now be prepared to be sealed as families and maintain their temple worthiness.In these times of uncertainty in the temporal world, we are to be more prudent about debt than we have been in the past. We must set our own houses in order. An essential element is the payment of a full tithe as well as other offerings. By so doing we will be able to endure through turbulent times.As crushing immorality spreads across the world, we are to stand more firm and resolute in our standards of moral purity. We are not to redefine with words of the world what God has made so clear about the sanctity of our bodies and our relationships with others.As man's inhumanity to man seems ever more prevalent, our efforts must be strengthened to stop any kind of abuse and the disregard for human life that afflicts so many. To do this we must teach through love that all mankind are children of God who deserve dignity and respect. This will be a tremendous challenge but it is one we must never forsake.In a world growing more callous and indifferent, we need to teach gratitude and appreciation for the gifts of God in our lives. Regardless of how little or how much we have, the sin of ingratitude is a moral blemish on our souls.These are challenges we must consider in the months that lie ahead. Study each message given at conference. Attend the other various local conferences as they are convened and let the Spirit grant and bestow upon you the witness that God lives and is our Eternal Father, and His beloved Son Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and the head of this Church.As we emulate the Savior and follow the Brethren we can make it successfully through life.It is fervently hoped that of the holding of conferences there will be no end!

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Isaiah 6:3

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