3rd - 4th March 2017, Edinburgh
Inspired worship – dynamic teaching – practical seminars


We’re thrilled to be able to share our seminar programme. We have some exceptional speakers coming to share their different perspectives of grace with you. Have a read and think about which ones you’d like to attend.

Plenary Seminars: 2pm

Global Grace Seminar

Global Grace

How should the church respond in an increasingly volatile Global context? What are the main issues facing the Christian church with the rise of Islam, the migration of people groups and the displacement of others across the world. This is a panel discussion involving workers and practitioners from charities involved in world mission work.

Growing Grace

Growing Grace

What is life like for a child in the 21st century? Or to be a young person living in a complex, rapidly changing and immediate online world where inhabiting online space is as natural as sitting in a coffee shop would be to most of us. What are the pressures and influences our children face today and what will they encounter tomorrow? This panel discussion will address how can we be best equipped to prepare both ourselves and them with a Biblical perspective for life. This session is for anyone who has care for or contact with children and teenagers.

Embracing Grace

Embracing Grace

Let’s learn to eyeball the “tough-stuff”, mess-ups and “not done wells”. There’s an art to embracing the failures, fears, flops, and fiascoes. They aren’t cringe-worthy black marks, nor immaturity. Neither are we unredeemable or beyond the love or grace of God. Quite the opposite. We should see those failures, fears, flops, and fiascoes as an opportunity. To be kind to ourself, then to breathe… and then even more remarkably, to learn.

Second Set of Seminars

Worshipping in Grace Seminar

Worship in Grace

An informal session designed to allow participants to ‘soak’ in worship before God. With interactive engagement, time for questions and answers, this session is intended for anyone who leads or participates in musical worship within their church community. However Lou and Cathy will be delighted to welcome anyone who simply wants to experience more of God’s Grace through song during the conference.

Trace of Grace Seminar

Trace of Grace

Wouldn’t you just love to make more of the hours in each day ‘count’ for God’s Kingdom? Well maybe they already do! Come and explore how we might live more intentionally and with greater impact right where we are, in the often mundane day to day activities of our everyday lives – not by doing anything ‘more’ but by altering our lens a little. How different might life look if rather than having our heads down and rushing through our to do lists we changed the way we engaged with those we encountered along the way, seeing every conversation as a divine appointment and truly beginning to leave a trace of grace.

Heart of Grace Seminar

Heart of Grace

What would it be like if whenever someone left your company or conversation they felt better about themselves rather than better about you? This seminar will focus on how we can open up our lives and form grace filled relationships in every aspect of life.

Grace for your Soul Seminar

Grace for your Soul

Is all well with your soul? Do you find yourself parched in a land flooded with church and activity and wonder how to refill your own well with the depths of God’s grace? Drawing from the replenishment to be found in God’s Word – this seminar will offer fellowship and practical support in nurturing, refreshing and renewing your soul.

Grace Communities Seminar

Grace Communities

What kind of people live near you? How can you reach out to them with God’s grace and allow His love to transform their lives. This seminar is for anyone who sees a need within their community and wants to explore ways to bring people and God together.

Grace in our Culture Seminar

Grace in our Culture

What does artistic expression tell us about the state of our neighbours’ hearts? Scratch the surface of our unchurched communities and we unearth bakers, bloggers, community singers, instagrammers, dressmakers, painters, dancers and crafters, all with a story to tell. This seminar is for anyone interested in sharing the story of grace with their fellow image-bearers and will include practical examples of how to establish and sustain missional community with creative people.

You won’t be able to book the seminars, but we’ve made sure they are in large rooms to accommodate as many people as possible. Please get in touch if you have any questions.