3rd - 4th March 2017, Edinburgh
Inspired worship – dynamic teaching – practical seminars

Bible Studies

2017 will see the return of the ‘early morning’ Bible study at Women Walking with God. By early morning we mean after a comfy nights sleep, but before the main session starts at 10am.  These sessions offer a variety of approaches to studying the Bible – we know everyone starts the day at a different pace and so pick your study according to your walking style and join others in exploring God’s grace, found in the story of the Prodigal Son.


The Jog – Libby Talbot

A gentle start to the day and keeping a steady pace this study will use a conversational style to shape discussions in small groups. Come to this one if you like to talk as you run, sorry learn!

The Sprint – Anna Hutchinson

A fast paced tour through the passage, lead from the front with in-depth analysis of the Gospel context and meaning behind this parable. This one is for you if you enjoy a challenge and know the Gospel of Luke less well.

The Power walk – Tania Bright

For those who get up in the morning with zeal for the day, this study will flex your brain muscle without you realising! Taking a systematic approach this study will reveal hidden depths to a well-known story.

The Meander – Patricia Lockhart

If you like to walk in peaceful contemplation, aware of your surroundings but with time and space to enjoy them, then this is the study for you. Using a helpful mix of reflection and mindfulness, this study will help you listen for God’s voice as your read His Word.

The Ramble – Jenny Cornfield

This study is for those who like to travel in groups and learn from each other as you go along. Using an oral story-telling style this study is full of fun and involves maximum input from all involved!

The Dog Walk – Ruth Jack

A study for those who enjoy stopping at every lamp post and like the sniff thought of distractions! Combining individual observations and group discussion this study can ‘lead’ you in directions you never thought to go!